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Why Is Bamboo So Soft?

Bamboo socks and underwear have been growing in popularity in recent years, and the first thing that usually comes out of the wearer’s mouth is: ‘they’re so soft.’ It’s true - bamboo makes the most beautifully soft fabric that you can’t help but enjoy having next to your skin. So why only treat your feet to it? We spend half our lives in bed, so why don’t we pay more attention to what we’re sleeping on? It’s a cliche usually rolled out by mattress brands with end-of-line sales on but, at SLOTH, we think they’ve got a point. Whether you spend those hours fast asleep, reading before bed or spreading crumbs from your breakfast as far as you can, wouldn’t you rather do so in complete comfort?

Bamboo fibres form fabric with a uniquely soft texture: silky but not slippery, thick though never heavy and supple rather than stretchy. But what makes bamboo that much softer than alternatives like cotton or linen? SLOTH bedlinen is made from Moso Bamboo, and it’s down to this plant’s pretty amazing properties that our sheets are as soft as they are:

Longer. Thread Count is usually the main differentiator for customers when selecting their bedlinen. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Many bedlinen manufacturers will boast 1000TC sheets, which should mean that for every inch of fabric, there are 500 threads running one way, and 500 the other. However, frequently, a manufacturer will line up three short pieces of thread in a row, rather than using one long thread. This might increase the thread count, but it drastically impacts the quality of the fabric. When short pieces of thread lie next to each other, imperceptibly to the human eye, the ends stick up and come slightly loose from their weave. This causes slight friction and disrupts what would otherwise be a very smooth weave. Whereas, bamboo fibres have a much higher staple length, meaning that every thread lies perfectly flat next to its neighbour, giving 300TC bamboo rayon a 1000TC feel.

Stronger. A single fibre from Moso Bamboo plants has the tensile strength of steel. But why should this make a difference to how soft your sheets are? Well, if a thread is stronger, it’s less likely to break, and therefore less likely to disrupt that perfect, long single thread that makes for the smoothest possible weave. Bamboo’s strength doesn’t just help in the production of bamboo fabrics - it also means that you’re less likely to snag your sheets in daily life, which gives your SLOTH bedlinen set a longer than average life cycle!

Softer. Bamboo fibres are naturally softer than their cotton or linen counterparts. They’re sourced from the soft inner pith of the Moso Bamboo plant, and then manipulated into fibres, which form the threads your SLOTH sheets are made from. These threads are more like silk in texture than their cotton or linen counterparts, which is a huge part of the reason bamboo fabric is so soft. Unlike silk, bamboo is more breathable, more affordable and more durable.

It’s great to know the science behind the amazing softness of SLOTH bedlinen, but why should you care? Finely woven sheets reduce friction against your skin and hair, reducing wrinkle-development and frizz. Bamboo is a fantastic, and cost effective alternative to silk. But most of all, you’ll sleep in total bliss.