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Introducing Our New Partnership With Ecologi

Here at Sloth sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Together, the decisions we make can have a huge impact on helping the planet. From choosing environmentally products to completely removing plastic from our packaging and using carbon neutral deliveries wherever we can, we're taking small steps to ensure our planet is here for generations to come. We've decided to take this one step further by helping each and every one of our amazing customers reduce their carbon footprint by planting not one but three trees on their behalf for every order placed.

Trees are pivotal for life on the planet. They provide homes for wildlife, clean our air and water, stabilise our soil, they contribute to our health and wellbeing as well as create jobs and bring diverse groups of people together.

Crucially, trees combat climate change. Excess carbon dioxide is building up in our atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse effect causing our planet to heat up. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, storing it and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Pretty neat. Which means every tree we plant will have a positive impact on the climate, nature, people and our planet. 


We're delighted to have partnered with Ecologi, an organisation dedicated  totackling the climate crisis. Ecologi fund numerous projects around the world with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also fund run a number of tree planting projects such as mangrove planting in Madagascar.

Carbon offsetting
Every tree planted offsets an estimated 0.3t of CO2 over a 25 year growth life - helping you offset your carbon footprint.

Wider impact
Your trees do so much more than just sequester CO2. They'll provide habitat, shade, shelter and food for local wildlife. Stabilise the soil, reducing the risk of natural hazards like landslides for local communities. Create jobs for local community members by providing produce like fruit and nuts that can be sold at market. Create natural barriers that protects the shoreline from storms.

On top of planting three trees for every order, we are also offsetting our entire team's carbon emissions from their personal and professional lives ensuring we remain a Climate Positive Workforce.

What do you need to do?

Absolutely nothing, for every order placed on our site we'll plant three trees on your behalf! 

Our forest is still young but you can see our progress here!

Sloth x